It's a small, cinderblock building near the boiling sulphur pools in Old Hangin' Tree City Park. The door blew off the place forty years ago and the roofing wasn't far behind it. A million taggers have left their marks on the outer walls. On the inside walls, you'll find the yellow pages for whores and perverts, as well as some notable accomplishments from artists who work in human excrement. But, it's cool in the summer and the light streams in from the .50 caliber bullet holes. There are plenty of stalls, no waiting, bring your own TP. The North American Metallic Green Shit House Fly is an endangered species, so no swatting 'em.

Make yourself as comfortable as possible and welcome to the SinisterCity Reading Room. And don't worry about that huge, slobbering spider with the snapping, double row of fangs over there in the far corner. You are under my protection as long as you don't turn your back on it.


I am Your Honor, the Mayor of SinisterCity. Please click on the links below for your reading pleasure.




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